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I'm here to help you get out of your own way. My goal as a coach is to teach you how to feel comfortable in the driver seat, because YOUR actions are the driving force for personal success and happiness. To inquire more about how I work, fill out the intake form here. Let's start with a free intake session! 


Hear What My Past Clients Had To Say ;)

When I first contacted Ayana for her life coaching services I was in a terrible space. Life happened and I felt mentally, physically, and emotionally drained. I knew I had to make a change and seeking help was the first step.

Working with Ayana has definitely changed my life for the better. I’ve learned how to love myself, forgive others and I’ve even rekindled the relationships I’ve had with my family and friends whom I’ve neglected. I’m continuously surprised to see the amount of growth that has occurred within the past few months.

Ayana is an excellent coach! She’s very attentive, empathetic and she has exceptional analytical skills. She is always available when needed and she makes sure to set time in between sessions to contact you just in case you have any questions or you simply just want to talk.

Ayana truly embodies what it means to be a powerful woman and she makes sure to give you the tools and resources needed to help you find your power too.
— Janet Dwomer

I began 2017 convinced that this was going to be a seminal year for me. I knew that it would involve lots of hard work. I also knew that I needed direction and accountability. I found that in Ayana.
There are just a small handful of people I have met throughout my years that have made a profound impact on my life – and Ayana Iman tops my list! Her experience, professionalism, insight, coaching, and guidance have not only helped me take the appropriate steps to land my dream job but have helped me in all other facets of my life. Ayana was there for me every step of the way. Her dedication to me as a client was greatly appreciated. She was flexible and incredibly accommodating, something that I need in a coach. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for a direct and honest dialogue in order to jump start the life they want to live!
— Tiffany France

What can’t I say about Ayana? Like many seeking the help of others, I too was rebounding out of a dark place after life happened in some pretty dramatic ways. I allowed these events to effect me, who I would be and become. But at the start of 2018, after feeling like I was finally in a good place after some major reflection and help from a therapist, I was ready to learn from my lessons and understand that things happen for me, not to me.

During this entire time I was navigating to get back to me, I had taken some of the focus away from a serious project, a documentary film that I had invested a lot of time and effort into for its success. Because there had been many sacrifices taken already, I made a commitment to myself that this year I had to put it all on the table. Now or never - I owed it to myself. Enter Ayana. In my effort to hurdle bigger leaps and bounds for the documentary film, I knew I needed a different kind of help. She was it!

At first I didn’t know how this would work, or what exactly I was in need of, but I knew immediately I was in the right place after our first session. Not only did Ayana hear me, but also she guided me, was accessible, encouraged me, counseled me and made me accountable. I never felt that it was just my work. I honestly felt like it was our work together. All of the major strides I have taken in the last 2 months under Ayana’s guidance were and continue to be game changers for the progress of the documentary and my life beyond the film. Ayana helped with small steps that I hadn’t yet taken that were old notes on paper to new ideas and resources that extend my ideas further than I knew possible.

If you are not sure but you know you are ready for the next thing, you everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose working with Ayana. Fact: you will see Ayana Iman’s name in the rolling credits for the documentary under the words “Undying Gratitude.”
— Carla Brown

Working with Ayana Iman completely allowed me to look at the world differently (but in a good way.) Of course working with a life coach you have emotional and sentimental moments, but in those moments you understand who you were (based on past experiences) and who you can become in the future. One problem I had was always trying to control everything, even others. Ayana taught me that I can not control things beyond my control except myself. I can control MY narrative. Another problem I had was a fear of diving deep about losing my mother. I had some “locked away” feelings that I didn’t discuss with anyone but I felt comfortable enough to speak with her on. She helped me extensively within that area and I feel more of a sense of freedom and can speak about my mom without feeling like I’m breaking. Working with Ayana was truly a blessing so that I can grow into the woman I truly want to be and making me feel comfortable during each and every meeting from the very beginning. Having her help me allowed for clarity during a troubling time & I am beyond ecstatic that I found her and that she will always be here for me.
— Chenoah Blunt