Ayana Iman is a native of Trenton, NJ and proud New Jersey resident. In 2015, she launched her career as an Inspirational Speaker and Self-Help Blogger, using this website to teach others how to live in the “light” and cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Her focus on community collaborations has led her to a number of volunteer opportunities and community leadership roles. Ayana received her Bachelor of Arts in Communications/Journalism at Kean University and her Masters in Strategic Organizational Communication at Rutgers University.

Ayana has an eBook, “A Guide to Gratitude” available for a free download on her website. This book is a compilation of personal narratives she shares from experiences that pushed her to live in gratitude, including losing her home, becoming a young mother and then single mother, all while pursuing her graduate degree. As a world traveler, she has made connections all around the globe, and shares her story to inspire others to believe in themselves. She credits affirmations for her major life transformation. Following her motto: Take action, the plan will come, and always have faith.

Ayana is also the founder of #AuthenticConvos, which is an event that promotes self-love, healing, and face-to-face communication. She understands the importance of interpersonal communication, and the need for healthy dialogue that extends beyond the digital realm.

This platform has allowed her to facilitate community engagement, offer a platform to other speakers and vendors, and give people the tools to become emotionally healthy. It is a wonderful display of the natural flow of life – to give and to receive. This conversation empowers everyone in attendance to speak his or her truth, and encourages everyone to own his or her power.