How to Build your Child's Confidence


This week marks Ayo’s journey into first grade. I’m excited she’s back in school. She’s still wrapping her head around summer coming to an end. Nonetheless, my partner and I are preparing her for a year of success by strengthening her confidence in decision making. We all have the power to choose and our choices create our reality. I want to make sure she feels empowered to make her own decisions. With that, we decided Ayo could pick her own clothes and school supplies. This is our way of giving her agency over her body. Our goal is to raise an emotionally intelligent woman.

We do most of our household shopping at Walmart and felt it was the perfect chance to let her shop. It’s affordable and familiar. 


If I’d let her, she would have tried to purchase a lifetime supply of crayons

Ayo loves sparkle. So these shoes were a must!


She even had the ability to scan her items; if only she paid. Luckily, everything was in our budget and she got a little extra too.

Walmart helped me keep my coins in my pocket while bringing a smile to Ayo’s face. This moment was priceless.

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