Sound & Color: Teaching Kids the Basics

2016 is special for me in more ways than one! My lil' mama will be three-years-old this year, and starting preschool sooner than I can process. So we are getting a head start on the basics of learning, playing with sounds and colors.

The "Straw" Game

Here's a game we play to learn colors and words. Honestly, I can't take credit for it because #SweetBabyAyo ingeniously created it while sitting in the kitchen with me while I was cooking. She opened the cabinet and took out a huge pack of colored straws. As I sautéed chicken, she pulled out a straw and named the color, then continued to make her way through the pack until all the straws were gone. As we put them back we renamed them. When she didn't know the name of the color, I would try and find something to physically represent it like a banana to show "yellow is for ba-na-na." I was so impressed by her self-starting game that now it's part of our daily routine. Try using the colored straws, but don't feel any limitations, use blocks, crayons, or cups. Make learning fun.

Music for the Soul

Music is a big part of our household. I'm conscious of what music is played in the house, and try to keep our options open. Jazz seems to get #SweetBabyAyo to focus. I love playing Gregory Porter "Be Good;” watching her dance around the house like a ballerina, it taps into a child’s imagination. Another great way to encourage learning is using YouTube as a vehicle for education. We love “ABC Rock” in the morning, which she faithfully sings the alphabet. Music allows her to be fully expressive.

I've shared previously the support we receive from early intervention for speech delay, and I see so many progressive changes; there are so many more words used. Let's just say those who are quiet, are very observant. Definitely let your kids express their creativity in more ways than one.


Ayana GibbsComment