Luxury Birthday Cake for Less


We live in an era of Pinterest parents, pinning away at fantasy birthday parties for children, where the theme is king and more elaborate than the last. There's nothing wrong with throwing a party, I love to put on a show, however times are changing and being thrifty is "in".  I'm learning to be frugal. Yes, I'll admit in the past I wasn't always smart with money. With tutorials and DIY ideas floating around the Internet, it's hard to excuse pricey purchases when we have the power to be a little crafty and save more money. The cake pictured above was for #SweetBabyAyos 1st birthday party. Would you believe it cost under $40? That's including the 3 dozen cupcakes. Here's how I did it:

1. Go to local supermarket to buy the cake and cupcakes.

I went to Stop and Shop - their cake is very moist

2. Take your own supplies. 

I went to Michaels Arts and Crafts to purchase butterflies, flower cake cups and sugar pearls

3. Take a photo of how you would like your cake to look.

The baker is more than willing to help your dream cake come to life. I asked them to swirl the icing, instead of piping it. Also, to arrange the butterflies into a cascading circle around the cake, and they did a wonderful job.

I hope this helps! Tag me in photos using #AyanaIman so I can see your creative baked goods.