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Burnout. It’s a dirty word; the kind that scares you, and causes you to look the other way. We all know the feeling, some better than others, but coincidentally most aren’t prepared for it when it happens.

I remember being left spent. I cashed my check of energy and there was no sunshine being deposited. I was emotionally bankrupt, disconnected from myself, and my work.

I was burnt-out.

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How to Practice Mindfulness During A Crisis

The brutal deaths of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and the 5 Dallas police officers left me numb. What I saw on the videos was pure cowardice. Violet acts of when you mix negligence with perceived power. It shook up my world. As a mother, how could I explain to my child the unexplainable without putting fear into her heart? This feeling of dread followed me from the car to the office, into my home, and as I slept. Why couldn’t I shake it?

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