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What To Expect When Your Affirmations Come True

So I got booked for my first paid speaking gig. MAJOR! Last year, I wrote an affirmation on my wall that read: I AM A SPEAKER. Then a few months later, I decided to take it more seriously and wrote: I AM A GLOBAL SPEAKER AND GET PAID FOR SERVICES. I was more decisive with my words, and my thoughts. I wanted the Universe to know exactly what I wanted, and that I was willing to do the work. This engagement was a sign that I was totally aligned with my passions. However, I experienced a feeling I didn’t know would come with this new territory, distress

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Seven Months of Transformation

In the last several months, I've had some profound changes manifest into reality. These were the most transformational moments of my life. I started off the year like most people with New Year resolutions, making a decision to do or not do something. What changed was I took these resolutions and affirmed that they had already happened. 

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A Conversation With Lanie

Lannie, stands more than 6 feet tall, sports a full beard, and is a self-proclaimed "Red Neck from Texas". I consider him a friend. I met him on my flight to Amsterdam from England. We were alone in our seating aisle, and the conversation progressed naturally as the wheels went up. He had a kindred spirit. Our American accents made us instantly connect. "Where are you from?" And so on. Randomly, he asked me if I was easily "nauseated"? Before I could answer, he showed me a picture of him on the operating table with his skull bloodied and cracked open. He proceeded to tell me about his story. How he was a thrill seeker, and loved to BASE jump, skydive, and ride his motorcycle cross-country. Unfortunately, what he loved most was the cost for his accident. It resulted in a biking incident that left him needing his mouth wired shut and put on heavy pain killers. Lannie proceeded to tell me that the doctors said he would have to learn how to walk again with extensive physical therapy. He told me he was out of the hospital in 9 days, and back at work less than three months later. How was this possible? Because be refused to believe he was a vegetable. He defied the odds of the healthcare professionals, by not giving up or allowing his fate to be determined by others. 

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