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Relationship Growth: Perfecting Communication

So, I had an uncomfortable conversation. You know where your past meets present, and you have to recall information to share with your significant other. I use to dread those conversations because I was afraid of what the other may think if they found out some the mistakes I've made, that I was naive, and love struck by messy situations. Fortunately, it went smoother than I expected. It was an opportunity for us to share and get to know each other a little better. There was a level of maturity in the conversation that I had never experienced before. It was genuinely thought provoking that lovers could find acceptance and appreciation in understanding the others past.

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Getting Over Daddy Issues

As a child, I considered myself a daddy's girl. I would go get two cups, one for me, and one for him. We would share a drink together and eat our favorite snacks. My mom always watched with a smile, but I'm sure she wondered why she wasn't invited to the party. It wasn't that I didn't love her. I loved my parents equally. However, there was something special about my bond with daddy. I felt protected, like he was a super hero portrayed in the shows I watched on Saturday mornings. 

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In Memory of a Queen | Lucille E. Williams

This time last year, I organized a photo shoot to honor my grandmother for her birthday. I had my family dress in white because it represents light, the opposite of darkness. My grandmother suffered from Dementia and her quality of life had diminished drastically over the course of a year. The once vibrant woman I knew was feeble and bedridden. It hurt. I wanted to give her life...a few moments to be pain-free and enjoy her celebration. That day we laughed and reminisced about how my grandmother was the most confident woman we knew. Unfortunately, she was rushed to the hospital that night, and that's where she spent the next few months. She parted this earth on June 15, 2014. As a family, we gathered around her bed and said our final goodbyes. Her body remained, but her soul had moved on. It was hard to not selfishly wish she were still here with us.

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