A Birthday Party Bigger Than Pinterest!


  In two days, I'll reach a new milestone...earning another stripe as a mother. My lil' mama will be 4-years-old. Crazy right?!

From breastfeeding, walking shoes, to the first day of preschool, we have grown together in so many ways. The best part is she can now verbalize her wants, needs, and desires. Let's just say if she had it her way there would be a hot air balloon, a life-sized Mickey Mouse, and lots of gummi bears at her birthday party. Although I'm sure that would be fun, I've decided to make a change, and give her a $10 party. 

What's That? And Why?

Two months ago, I lost my job. Well, I lost more than 50% of my hours after we lost a major client. As a freelancer, it comes with the territory, but I was not prepared. I had a successful 1st quarter with a promising 2nd quarter but heading into the 3rd quarter there were some unforeseen challenges. I had come to realize most of my business was reactive, not proactive, which means without proper strategies in place there would be no residual income. This forced me to change my perspective and accept some hard truths. Most importantly, evaluating what was most important in my life and what could be let go. I was going to trim the fat. 

I've managed to have a great summer, however, there came a disturbing amount of mommy guilt. Working hard meant more hours away from home, and sometimes the return wasn't always rewarding monetarily as I tried to push my vision. Let's just say the tears flowed. With Ayo's 4th birthday approaching and a growing list of all she desired, I decided not to give into the pressure, instead learn to flow with it.

I've asked my friends and family to not bring gifts, instead to give $10, if they wish to give something. This money would go into her bank account and be used for saving and funding her dreams; I will buy one gift of her choosing. I felt it most important to not pit myself against the picture perfect Pinterest parties, and focus my energy on teaching her life skills, especially when it comes to money and how to handle it. I am admittedly choosing to minimize our things and create more experiences. 

This is the start of a new chapter in our lives. It'll be beautiful.  

What fat are you trimming?