A Day At The Dia Beacon

Two months ago, I took a trip to the Dia Beacon; one of the largest exhibition spaces in the country for modern and contemporary art. It was an easy two-hour drive (and 4 minutes to be exact) from New Jersey to Beacon, New York. It was my first time going there, and the first time I ever heard of this place called "Beacon;" apparently it's a place people go to escape the city life for small town comfort. 

Check-in was smooth and parking was easy, so no complaints there. However, the communication about taking photos in the museum was a little misleading. I asked an associate if photography was allowed in the space and she said yes. But, just as we (@primo_supremo and I) were about to take a photo near a beautiful red runner installation, someone appeared out of nowhere to tell us it couldn't be photographed. There are no signs on the walls to mess up the modern design, however, associates walk around in black clothing watching everything and everyone. It's a little passive-aggressive. Either way, that wasn't going to ruin our fun because there was plenty more to see...the place is huge. 

Altogether, we spent about three hours walking around and getting to know each artist. We could have gone into New York City to other museums that are closer to home, but that wasn't the point. I once read, "In order to be inspired you must always be on the move." For us, as creatives movement is necessary to our livelihood. In order to create the story, we must have a story to tell. We'll never forget that day or the quaint town that's surrounded by beautiful mountainous landscapes. 

I highly suggest you go into town afterward for a bit to eat, we tried Max's On Main for lunch and Homespun Foods for coffee. 



All Images taken by S. Bola Okoya, www.primosupremo.com