What's Your Word For The Year

What's your word?!....

I didn’t have a chance to say it sooner, so I’m saying it now. I am wishing each and every one of you a prosperous, abundant, loving, adventurous, loving year!

Like most of you, I ended 2016 reflective and thinking about what was accomplished. Then, I go into the New Year, full of energy and ready to take action to obtain my goals. Something I started doing a few years ago was focusing on a word of the year, kind of like a theme. 2015 was about purpose and figuring out who I was. 2016 was a year of action, being intentional on the growth of my networks, finances, and #AuthenticConvos. This year, I declare my word is DISCIPLINE. I’ve found making money is easy, and making great connections is easy too, but without discipline, you can’t make either work for you. I’ve been to the mountaintop; at least a glimpse of what’s possible when you’re intentional on growth, and I know in order to reach other peaks of success discipline is necessary.
“Following your passion requires more discipline than passion.” – Brandon Stanton, Humans of New York
Whatever abundance this year will bring, I’m here for all of it! What’s your word? Write it down and place it in an area you can see every day.  

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