All That Matters: A Book Release Party Recap


On Saturday, January 14, 2017, I celebrated the release of my book, All That Matters: A Book About Families. It is my first published book celebrating love, awareness, and togetherness. 

All That Matters is a book about families, not just for families. It showcases beautiful images of multicultural families with different dynamics, from a single mom, single dad, same-sex family, to an adoptive family. I wanted to show Ayo that although our family consists of just she and I all that matters is love.

It was the ultimate act of self-care because I had to heal from my past relationship and the bitterness that extended into my life from having to break up our family. Completing this book required support, openness, and discipline, which is an act of self-love. I wanted to help children see they lack nothing if they come from a home filled with love, and combat any stigmas of being inadequate to two-parent households, and allow everyone to develop empathetic awareness.

The guests celebrated with a champagne toast (juice boxes for the kids), mini cheesecakes by She Imagined Sweets and walked away with gift bags sponsored by Baby Brown Sugar + Eden Kids

I'm extremely humbled by the support of everyone that came out, and I looked forward to hosting more book parties. However, I learned a very valuable lesson that day. Some success cannot be duplicated and each goal must have its own unique approach. I truly believe when you need something you must as, so I am asking my tribe to help me accomplish my next task.  I have a goal of selling 1,000 copies by August 27, 2017. Help me achieve this goal by making some noise on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and wherever potential readers can be found. 

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