#AuthenticConvos 7.31.16

The lovely panelists

The lovely panelists


Sunday, July 31st, I had my fourth installation of #AuthenticConvos. The topic of conversation was How To Date A Creative. I define being a creative as a person that uses their creativity to bring a smile to other’s faces, or at least use their work, whatever that may be to evoke emotion. There is no one set definition. We all are creative people; some use their creative talents to make a living, while others do it as a personal outlet. Whether attendees claimed to be a creative, or not, they had the opportunity to learn how to manifest their dream relationship, better their current one, or be happily single.

With just one month to plan the event, my team and I was able to create magic. This was the first time that we were in a new city with a new crowd. My biggest fear was that no one would show up, but that wasn’t a good enough reason to not stop trying. I’m proud to say, people showed up, lots of them. I wrote down that I wanted 100 tickets sold; I had a goal of doubling my numbers and spoke it into existence. It happened. If you ever needed to know if God is listening, this was proof. I am so grateful, so filled with love, and humbled by the amount of people that supported. Thank you!


The panelists: Aleesha Smalls, Michael Spence, Neffi Walker, and Chike Uzoka, were nothing short of amazing and kept the crowd engaged. All of us live to serve in some capacity, whether through motherhood, fatherhood, community activism, or motivational speaking. Each of them spoke with passion, wisdom, and authenticity. There were some laughs, and lots of tweetable moments, but most importantly real insight on how to love confidently without fear, ego or drama. Quite honestly, this conversation was based on my own personal relationship and the things I’ve learned from dating a creative in a non-toxic relationship. I believe what you learn you share…and if there was any way to help someone over a hurdle in his or her relationships, then this was a safe space to do it.   

It was only a few short months ago, I affirmed that I was going to grow #AuthenticConvos from its humble beginnings. This is a direct result of my affirmation. I want everyone to experience such abundance, to have his or her cups filled too. #AuthenticConvos is going on the road. I don't have dates, venues, or confirmed panelists, but all that is secondary when you know the universe got your back!

I want you to know that your purpose deserves a platform, and everything you need is within. With faith and action, you can do all things. Take a step, and then another. Ask yourself, what are the consequences to not following my dream? There lies the answer.


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