Burnout. It’s a dirty word; the kind that scares you, and causes you to look the other way. We all know the feeling, some better than others, but coincidentally most aren’t prepared for it when it happens.

I remember being left spent. I cashed my check of energy and there was no sunshine being deposited. I was emotionally bankrupt, disconnected from myself, and my work.

I was burnt-out.

Usually associated with over-exhaustion with serious health consequences, burnout can actually be prevented. Here are nine ways to prevent burnout, relieve stress, and relax your mind:

Take Baths.

Baths are soothing, sensual, and calming. Allow yourself to relax your muscles and let the water wash over you. This can help ease the tension in your body. Add lavender or other essential oils and bath salts to maximize relaxation at bath time.

Relieve many health issues related to burnout by being in nature.

The sun is energizing, and nature is beautiful; combined, you get a double dose of God’s unadulterated beauty. Find gratitude in your ability to walk and wander. Tap into your inner child and be free of constraints. Take a hike, literally.

Prayer is another way to prevent burnout.

The goal is to connect inwardly to Higher Power and pray for peace. During hard times prayer can help you feel at ease being confident that there is something or someone out there to help you through. Who you pray to is your own business, however spirituality allows you to experience divine consciousness.

Meditation can do wonders to quiet your mind and ease your nerves.

Be Still. Find a peaceful, quiet area and minimize your distractions. Give yourself at minimum 5-minutes to meditate without thinking, without distractions. Meditation is mindfulness, which allows you to focus on the present and observe your thoughts. Mindfulness can control depression and since your thoughts create your reality, meditation can purify your thoughts and help you create a more peaceful life experience.

Traveling raises your vibrations.

If you are stressed or on the brink of a burnout, take a trip. This doesn’t have to be some well-planned, expensive, overseas pilgrimage. Take a drive or some form of transportation somewhere new, spend a weekend if possible. Go and plan to emerge yourself in a new space. Enjoy the moment free of mental constraints. You deserve it.

Set boundaries.

Burnouts are mostly caused by our lack of boundaries, particularly in our place of employment. Don’t get me wrong, we live in a world filled with deadlines and ever-evolving technologies; however if boundaries aren’t set, you must succumb to every demand of your career.

Be exemplary while not being the workhorse either. It’s about balance. Cut down on those midnight emails for more sleep. Speak to a supervisor or your business partners about creating a sustainable work pace for quality work. It’s not always the easiest thing to do, but it’s worth your peace of mind.

Adopt a healthier lifestyle.

You are what you eat. Fueling your body with foods that can naturally sustain your energy is vital to your health. Eating too many foods that are high in fat and sugar is damaging to your body, and leaves you feeling sluggish and tired which can lead to burnout. Too much caffeine can affect the body the same way as sugar…it can eventually force you to crash and burn.

Get creative.

I find the best way to let out stress is to have a little fun. You cannot regulate creativity, which is why it is so valuable. A fun suggestion is adult coloring books that explore a range of meditation and expression practices. Also, writing, painting, and craft making, are other creative alternatives.

Disconnect from technology.

Give yourself a technology detox. When we detach from gadgets that contribute to mindless scrolling, our energy becomes available to areas that need it most. Your notifications and alerts will be there when you check back in.

We are all here to be of service to one another. Seek support from friends and family who are empathetic to your needs. Be selective of how you spend your time, and know that when you take care of yourself you’ll be okay. Burnout is not normal, and we shouldn’t normalize it. Be an advocate for your mental and physical health. You have one life to live.

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