Finding My Why: Becoming A Life Coach

A few weeks ago, I went to my gym, jumped on the treadmill and had a massive breakdown. I mean ugly cry - tears - the works. Before I knew it, my sobs became prayers, asking God out loud for a sign, a clue, that I was on the right path. Graduate school was ending, rent was going up on a new lease, and my sense of calmness had failed me. Peace was needed from restless thoughts that constantly riddled my brain with trivial nonsense. Thankfully, this conversation was in private, as I was alone in a cold empty gym.

I already had the answer: become a life coach. I wanted to be used in service to help mankind become their best selves. I've known this for a while but never took any action. This was my year of intent, my year of saying yes. An intention sets the goal, but action is the key to bringing it to life. I remember thinking about becoming a life coach years ago, helping people has always appealed to me. However, I was young and inexperienced. Now, as a woman - mother - recovering undercover over-lover - survivor - and manifestor, I have much wisdom to share on how to create an abundant mentality. The unrest I was feeling was the universe way of telling me to LAUNCH MYSELF! Get up and do something about it. Stop wanting for change, create it. I let multiple certification classes pass me by without enrolling. While there were many factors including costs and timing, I had to make a way. So this time I did. I took an intensive 3-day certification course with Orange County Counseling that is recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the golden standard in coaching. I felt this program was beneficial in terms of helping me get the certification, and a dramatically lower cost and time commitment than ICF. The certification allowed me to get advance knowledge on life coaching, a setup on how-to-coach, and gain lifelong support from fellow coaches around the world.

My mission is to effect change in the lives of 100,000 people. It's a lofty goal, but not impossible. I became a life coach to better serve a global community. I want to assist people to become their best self through strategic ACTION plans. I'm excited for the chance to help people have beautiful transformations. This is only the beginning.

-Ayana Iman

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