Relationship Growth: Perfecting Communication

So, I had an uncomfortable conversation. You know where your past meets present, and you have to recall information to share with your significant other. I use to dread those conversations because I was afraid of what the other may think if they found out some the mistakes I've made, that I was naive, and love struck by messy situations. Fortunately, it went smoother than I expected. It was an opportunity for us to share and get to know each other a little better. There was a level of maturity in the conversation that I had never experienced before. It was genuinely thought provoking that lovers could find acceptance and appreciation in understanding the others past. Not only did it clarify situations, it allowed us to create boundaries based off of our personal standards, what we would require moving forward. This type of transformative communication is representative of inner growth.

Sharing fragments of your past is never easy. However, as a relationship blossoms they require open communication to ensure the stability of the future. Once time and energy are spent you can't get it back, so it's best to use it wisely. Those blissful moments of the first few months are always, well blissful, but I credit those uncomfortable moments for showing me the truth behind the man.

I'm at a point in my life where I'm able to own all my stuff. What I've done in the past is not a mental prison sentence. I own up to it, and forgive myself for mistakes that I made. I am grateful for the lessons learned. Without them, I would have never been able to handle issues with confidence, patience, and faith.

Whoever you choose to love is not allowed to hold those things against you. If you were brave enough to share intimate details about your life, then they must respect and honor your truths. If your truths are something they can't handle they have all the freedom to leave. Don't hold onto a person who can't see the beauty of who you are now.

Being petty isn't necessary when you're trying to build. If there is something tugging at your heartstrings talk about it and find a resolution. Couples must speak the same love language, the communication between lovers that involves active listening, empathy, and kindness. With these tools both people are able to grow. That's always the goal.


- @ayanaiman