#AuthenticConvos 2.27.16

Saturday, February 27th, we created magic. When I say "we," I mean everyone from myself and the panel (featuring @chrismiss @designbylaw @rulebreakeru), the attendees, and the staff on location at the Trenton Social. The magic was created through the energy that filled the room. There was good vibes; the kind of vibes that make you feel safe and secure, to smile and listen with an open heart. The topic of conversation was how to confidently attain your goals when surrounded with fear. We had a full house, both men and women. It was my first time inviting men into the conversation, which proved to be successful. In the past, I was reluctant to invite them because I thought they wouldn't be interested in an event that focuses on empowerment. I'm glad I was wrong.  

Unplanned, but right on time, we had Mayor Eric Jackson, of Trenton, NJ come through and use the platform to inform attendees of the power of their vote. In a side conversation, he asked me, "How did you get so many young people out on a Saturday afternoon?" I told him, everyone wants to know how to be better, and I’m not selling them a dream, rather teaching them how to own their authentic power. I guess you could call it the unturnt-day party; beautiful people coming together during the day, but not for popping bottles. The soul purpose was to align their thoughts with their belief system. To create a story built on faith.


When trying to combat fear, the best thing you can do is show up, stare it in the face, and tell it, “even though I’m afraid, I must do this, or I’ll never know what’s on the other side.” This means your greatness is on the other side, and you must go get it. We sometimes get stuck at the door unsure of what's waiting for us. When you understand the universe got your back, you move with ease. If your intentions are for success, then you will have it because every action will reflect this goal. It's a mindset, an affirmation.


So does fear go away? No. It's a fleeting emotion, that's as swift as the wind. We can choose to understand it as a natural reaction when facing the unknown, or allow it to consume us. As @designbylaw mentioned: If you have no fear, your dreams aren't big enough.


If you weren't able to make it out, I hope to see you at the next installation. It's all love. #AuthenticConvos are necessary conversations needed for growth. We will create a new story together.