2016: The Year of Intent

Last year my story was dedicated to owning my power, striving to become the best version of myself at that given moment. Owning it allowed me to understand my strengths, as well as my weaknesses, helping me find the beauty in self-acceptance. Choosing to not beat myself up but to embrace my womanhood fully. I became closer to God, loved on myself a little more, owned the power in my presence, and tapped in to my black girl magic to spread light wherever I went. I felt victorious. Then December came and I felt the weight of the entire year on my shoulders. Had I made the right decisions for myself? Was I truly living a purposeful life? What's next? Could I recreate the magic of this year, was this it?  My good friend, author and motivational speaker, Rahfeal Gordon wrote in his book Skyscraper, “Winter is the season of trials and tribulations.” “All that we have done and gained through the other 3 seasons are put to the test to determine if we have what it takes to survive and thrive.” Although this winter was mostly mild in climate (at least in New Jersey), it was brutal inwardly. Then, I quickly remembered if I could make it through the winter, then I could make it through anything. Caving under the weight of my emotions was never an option. Besides, this wasn’t my first harsh winter. I was no longer accepting survival as an option either; 2016 I was intent on thriving.


This year, the energy has shifted and is pushing me to be intentional about my success. Intent is purpose. When you understand your purpose, you know the next step is action, and that must always be followed by faith. I did not set any New Year Resolutions. I only affirmed that my success was possible, and that my tree would harvest juicy plump fruits from its limbs, and overflow with abundance. But how do I get there? How do you get there? By accepting the challenge. Accept it is your divine right to be happy, to accept that you are enough just as you are.  I have so many things I want to do, and have no idea how to do them, but it won’t stop me. I pray it won’t stop you. DJ Khaled is always saying “they don’t want you to win,” but “they” don’t matter when you are self-assured in your craft. One major key is you become the only roadblock keeping you from obtaining your personal greatness. Being intentional about your success will push you over any hurdles you may face by getting past fear and creating a sickening worth ethic. This new work ethic has me up at 5 am to workout or write, and in bed no later than 10:30 pm. I fill my time with people that can shed light on a problem, books that replenish my soul, and at least an hour or two a day on my craft. You must cut the fat and lose the dead weight, any distractions that keep you from focusing. There is no click of the heels to get you to the next step, just the constant pursuit of a goal.


By all means, give yourself permission to fail. A habit isn’t formed over night. Failing greatly allows you to see it as a learning opportunity of what not to do, just keep going. Do I wake up at 5 am everyday? No, not yet, but I am conscious about my decision and will keep going until I get it right. As always, write down your hopes, dreams and wishes, put them in a place that you can see them daily, and then take action.  Be intentional -seek guidance when you need it.



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