A Journey Back To Self: The Visual

This is my first week home since February. I feel like I came back and had to face some hard truths...necessary truths. My reality is that I am trying to do lots of things at the same time; most of us are. The feeling of not giving enough energy towards each project, job, or even myself, is always on my mind. One of these things is grad school. There's always an uphill battle to get things done on time and be engaged. Being a  mother is a full-time job in itself, and I am always working on balance. I value education, traditional and self-taught. I made a promise to stay committed to my commitments. 

There's so much I've learned during my first year in my masters program, as well as my trip abroad. I created this video as part of my Digital Media Production course, entitled "A Journey Back To Self." We were asked to become storytellers and share with our audience (classmates) something we find of interest. Many of you have followed my travels, and I am so grateful for that.  Sometimes we have to take time to smell the roses in order to deal with more pertinent issues in our lives. We aren't supposed to have it all figured out. I'm learning to let life flow and ride the waves.