Defining Who You Are

I am powerful and blessed beyond measure.

I am powerful and blessed beyond measure.

Recently, I've attended many events in hopes of networking and meeting like-minded people. After a year of being out-the-loop following the birth of my daughter, I knew it was necessary to get back on the saddle. One question I found ironic was, "So, what do you do?" It was like a mantra programmed into the minds of everyone I encountered. Ummmm...yea. I wasn't sure what to reply. Was being a mother or full-time grad student a sufficient response in a room full of beauty bloggers, rappers, and artists' ? I felt very obliged to respond with "something". This instantly made me realize the value people placed on titles. If I didn't respond with how many followers I had on Instagram and views on YouTube, did that discount my worth as a person? No. In fact, it made me see the value in authenticity. Being my authentic self. 

When you let go of your titles, can you describe who are? Titles such as: student, banker, teacher, photographer, blogger, or even a mechanic. Those are just things you do but they don’t define who you are as an individual. I have always struggled with this concept of defining who I am. Mostly, because I wasn't entirely sure. I wrote on a piece of paper that I was a writer, but writing was just a piece of the puzzle. It helped me gather my thoughts, express myself, and connect with people. However, I knew I wanted a deeper connection to 'self, and that it had less to do with my ego and career title. So I started using affirmations. An affirmation is a definitive statement of something you hold to be true. Therefore, "I can't lose the weight, and I'm unhappy with my size" becomes "I am beautiful, healthy, and physically fit". It's the circulation of positive energy. "I am..." are the two most powerful words you can use because whatever comes after it defines who and what you are. After reading the works of Dr. Wayne Dyer, he inspired me to change the lens of how I viewed myself in this hierarchical society. What was my purpose? It was worth understanding my reasoning for being on this earth, than the things I've acquired. Dyer says, "This will allow you to rise to previously unimagined heights. Teach your outer self to accept the unlimited power of your inner spirit and the things you place in your imagination can become true for you." I agree 100%. Instead of being concerned with the definitions of what you do, become enlightened on who you are. This is something no one can take away from you. 

So who am I? I am powerful. I am a visionary. I am an empathic leader. 

Who are you? Take the challenge! Upload a photo or video on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #Iam. Tell the world who you are. It's not that the things you do aren't important, however understanding your value beyond those terms is priceless.