#25Truths on my 25th Birthday

Today's my birthday. This day feels special, even more than it did when I turned 21. Then, my only goal was to get carded so I could boldly show I was of drinking age and party with my friends. It wasn't that long ago, but feels miles apart. Today, I woke up feeling like a full-fledged woman. I am a full-fledged woman. On my journey through womanhood, I'm lucky enough to have learned a few invaluable life lessons. 

Here are my #25truths

  1. I am a master manifester. Everything I've wanted, desired, and needed, has happened when I needed it most. I spoke it out loud and took action to bring it into my life
  2.  I am not broken. I am so much stronger than I have given myself credit for in the past.
  3. Bad relationships are just that...bad. There's no need to sugarcoat it; staying won't give you a medal of honor. I learned to ride or die for myself, and my self worth.
  4. Becoming a mother didn't cripple me; in fact, it pushed me so much further. Thanks Ayo. 
  5. Create the life you want to live. Be intentional about it. 

  6. Traveling allows you to face the unknown, seeks truths, and have an adventure. Be open to new cultures and traditions. We all have a story. 
  7. Parents make mistakes. I've made mistakes. We are all human, it happens.
  8. Happy people have green grass. Water often. 
  9. Forgiveness is the releasing of negative energy for the replacement of light.
  10. Being in love didn't require an age-limit or a other’s approval, just the openness to receive.
  11. I've found my soul mate. ❤
  12.  A smile is always universal. 
  13. Living in gratitude will bring you abundance. 
  14. Once you admit you can't do something -then you can't. It's a self-defeating prophecy.
  15. Being courteous will never go out of style, ever.
  16. Eating clean doesn't cost much. Eating poorly will cost you more in the long run. 
  17.  Sisterhood is needed, and jealousy is toxic. There's enough to go around.
  18. I am abundant. 
  19. Success isn't hard, focus is. Watch your circle and mind your actions. 
  20. Your words hold power; make sure they're used to build not tear down. 
  21. Offering guest’s food or drink is a sign of abundance. "I always enough to share. I honor those who blessed me with their company in my home." 
  22. Always send love to those in pain, even when they've wronged you. Be the light. 
  23. I love ratchet music. I love meditation. It's called balance. 
  24. Being a single mom is tough, and sometimes it'll make you cry. However, it makes you dynamic... Ever try writing a 15-page grad paper while breastfeeding? I have. #Strength
  25. It is always a good idea to celebrate your birthday. 

I am living proof of how self-love can change your life. I am grateful for all the events that have aided me in my story this far, and look forward to the next chapter of my life. Let it be beautiful. 




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