My 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge

On November 1, 2015, I declared I was going to take a personal journey of dedicating 30-days to gratitude. The #30DaysOfGratitudewithAyana was more than a challenge; it required my time, energy, and mental, physical, and spiritual attention. Honestly, it was downright emotional, at least for me it was. I would carve time out my day to just be present, in the moment, and think about the "good" in my life, from the people, places, things, and experiences. I remember sitting and crying while trying to understand some of things I was grateful for, like having a new home and my car. While they may seem like just material possessions, they represented certain liberties, and the stability I prayed for throughout the last four years. Gratitude helped me find the silver lining in my situation, which brought a new outlook and appreciation for my living arrangements. Instead of focusing on lack, I started to see the beauty of staying in a familiar place, surrounded by loved ones, remembering that I had never faced the realities of a homeless shelter. 

Gratitude renewed my spirit. It is an inner compass that guides me toward the "light," the metaphysical place that allows you to own your power and become the best version of yourself. Living in gratitude is when you set out to live in the light. Oh, what a warm place to be! It gives you the ability to send love to those who've wronged you, and be thankful for the painstaking experiences that brought out the fighter in you. If you are still standing, then you have something to be grateful for. 

Gratitude is the same reason I woke up at 6am this morning to write this post. It wakes me up in the morning and gets me fired up. I am grateful to greet the sun with a smile. I am grateful to live my life filled with purpose. I am grateful for just trusting the process. 

I hope to inspire you to take this journey. I want to be honest that it's not easy. Sometimes, it'll be downright hard to find the silver lining during a day of inner turmoil, but I promise you it's more than worth it. There were days I got busy or overworked and I missed a day or two, but I never stopped...just keep going. I've studied how gratitude is the key to abundance. You must first be grateful for what you have in order to unlock the key to your own happiness. That is truth.