Home: Improving My Space

I moved into my apartment in August, and while I was very grateful for my new home it felt like a shell of a place. The newness of having my own space wore off after the first month, and it was time to make it comfortable.  I found myself obsessively scrolling through pages of Pinterest, glued to IKEA's catalog, and roaming through HomeGoods aisles every chance I got. Piece by piece, I filled my place with furniture finally taking advantage of the endless possibilities of having a blank canvas. But this sudden urge to decorate wasn't just to satisfy my needs of furnishing or impressing anyone, it was deeper than that. For three years, I didn't have a place to call home, a bed to call my own, or even a place to meditate when seeking refuge from cramped quarters. I knowingly willed this place into my life through prayer, affirmations and hard work. I felt decorating was the biggest compliment to the Universe, taking pride in what was so abundantly provided. I had so many ideas to fill the space with love, and enlisted the help of #JJournigan (my cousin, and budding interior designer) to bring some of my ideas to life. 


Working on a limited budget, I knew I needed to bring life to three rooms and create sectioned off areas. I love neutrals because I'm able to throw in prints that make them pop. I used mostly gray, tan, nude, and white as my base colors. Luckily I found some great pieces at my local thrift store, including a chair for $10 and throw pillow that was $8. My best purchase was a $20 dresser that we rehabbed with $5 oops paint (means pre-mixed) and new knobs that cost only $13 bringing a look of sophistication, an affordable luxury. We spray painted the legs with a gold color to add some shine. 


One of the best installations was my paper flowers. I saw them on David Tutera's CELEBrations featuring Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star, Porshe Williams and instantly fell in love. They were big and bold and I had to have them. I sent photos to J Journigan and she made them come to life. Within three days they were on my wall, the backdrop to my newly decorated room. I'm so happy with how everything turned out. I wanted luxury but did not want to break the piggy bank. 


The bigger picture here is that you are entitled to have your needs met. If it's a new home, ask for it. If you want to redecorate but don't have the money, be patient and take it one step at a time...take pride for what you have and watch your blessings grow. There's enough abundance to go around. 

Ayana GibbsComment